A Look Inside the Ocean Alexander Yacht Range


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A Look Inside the Ocean Alexander Yacht Range

11 March 21

Looking for a yacht that is the perfect mix of luxury and performance? An Ocean Alexander yacht could be the perfect fit for you. These semi-custom yachts offer all the key features you need to make your time on the water as smooth as possible. Ocean Alexander yachts feature an elegant and sleek design, all without compromising on safety and performance. 


About Ocean Alexander

Ocean Alexander was established in 1977 by Alex Chueh and has since become a prominent, global manufacturer of medium to large-sized yachts. Since its inception, the company has prioritised forming strong relationships with innovative designers who have given these yacht’s their signature look for decades. 


So what makes the Ocean Alexander yacht special? Find out 5 key features of this yacht below:



Ocean Alexander yachts have elegantly designed interiors and exteriors to ensure ease of use and an eye-catching presence on the water. 


The engine rooms have a generous ceiling height and components are colour coded and labelled to ensure that maintenance is a breeze. 

The interiors of the yachts are functionally designed with maximal storage space, elegantly hidden by exotic timber panels. These yachts also have large glazed windows so you can take in breathtaking views during your voyage.

The deck of the yachts are sleek and spacious so that guests have optimal space for leisure activities and entertainment. 

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Along with a stunning exterior, Ocean Alexander’s yachts also come with industry-leading innovation. A key example of this is a fold-out bulwark that lowers from the hull on both the port and starboard sides of the yacht. This innovative feature is patent pending in the United States. 

Likewise, Garmin navigation technology is included as a standard feature in the yachts to ensure effortless helmsmanship. 



A signature feature of Ocean Alexander’s commitment to safety is their implementation of aluminium I-beams in their yachts. These beams are approximately ten times more rigid than fibreglass or wood giving the yacht's stability and toughness. These beams are extremely strong and are relatively lightweight so they do not detract from performance. Ocean Alexander was also one of the first manufacturers to implement infusion moulded hulls, which reinforce the yacht’s fibreglass components. 



Ocean Alexander yachts have vibration-isolating technology to minimise engine noise so that you can enjoy your time on the boat in tranquillity. 


Ocean Alexander’s yachts feature design by accomplished marine designer Evan K. Marshall. These innovative and enduring designs make for a beautiful yacht that can maintain a high resale value. 

ocean Alexander yacht


Ocean Alexander yachts are built to last and use only the finest components. The yacht’s fuel tanks use military-grade aluminium alloy to ensure that their tanks can serve you well into the future. The yachts also contain unidirectional carbon fibre to strengthen the parts of the boat that need it most. 


Looking to purchase an Alexander Marine yacht? Look no further than Alexander Marine Australia, a full-service yacht dealership with over 40 years of industry experience. 


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