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Galeon Yachts

Every Galeon yacht is a piece of handcrafted excellence and thanks to the unparalleled attention to detail, cutting edge technology and great designs the company has become one of the premier European boat builders. 

We Strive For Excellence

With over 40 years of experience in the business and thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world – you can be sure your next Galeon yacht will meet all your expectations.

Established in 1982, Galeon remains a privately owned company specializing in constructing luxury yacht and motorboats. With a manufacturing area of 114,829 sq. ft. (35,000 m²) and a workforce of 1,500 strong, Galeon is one of the largest producers in Europe and continues to grow with manufacturing facility expansions, capable of taking on even the most ambitious projects. 

Every great project starts with a bold idea to create something beautiful and unforgettable. The invaluable experience Galeon has gained over the years allows them to be on the forefront of innovative boat builders, constantly introducing new and daring designs, which result in multiple and ongoing prestigious awards. Every new generation of Galeon yachts is pushing another limit for innovation, design and practicality.

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Production & Design

By combining decades of hard-earned experience and passion, Galeon is among the most vertically integrated yacht builders in the world, controlling the process and delivering unrivalled quality. Galeon also works closely with the acclaimed designer, Tony Castro, bringing innovations like the award-winning 'Beach Mode' to many of its current models.


Galeon Motor Yachts represent a new level of ingenious innovation through unique design and engineering, combining to offer buyers an unrivalled ownership experience and enjoyment at float. As one of Europe’s premier builder, Galeon has also grown to become a market leader in the US in a very short time, and a highly award winning range.


The quality of Galeon yachts is among the finest in the world. 

The significant Forbes Diamond Award received in 2022, highlights Galeon’s strong performance and commitment to build the highest quality yachts through adept strategic innovative growth and hard work.

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